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Sometimes it is possible to design and calculate curved structural glass. The most difficult thing is to make the decision about the point which it is possible to curve the frames in order to ensure that the glass is firmly held.

Moreover, it is necessary to have a good grasp of the relationship of the lengths and angles of the different components of the window (and slidings).

Due to the properties of PanoramAH! which only works with structural glass it is possible to manage the design, calculations and fabrication. Their little frames permit a good execution although the mistakes we can have while taking the measures in situ. That it is possible thanks to the big radius of the curves. Little radius would be harder to achieve good results because of the difference of the lengths inside the frame (inside vs outside zones) and that fact would end with huge difficulties to hold the glass.

The last point to comment is that the glass has been calculated in order that the exterior glass could not touch the inner glass (due to the wind and due to the weight during the assembly). If the exterior glass touch the inner glass that would end in a complete broken glass or a problem of visibility in the middle of the glass (blurred zone).

The Architect is Jordi Riembau Ribot from This is Arquitectura.

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