Carles Rahola library’s curtain wall

I remember designing, calculating, post processing and solving collateral issues in the curtain wall of Carles Rahola library.  Not only had I to attend many meetings to discuss the structural stability of the curtain walls, but also constantly redesign their anchors.

It was a hard way to achieve the goal because of the difficulties of the placement’s curtain walls.  In the end all was right and correctly designed, so there weren’t many problems to assemble the mullions.

All the attachment brackets (or also known as wall anchors) and the other structural elements were designed according Schüco curtain wall manuals. The AOS Schüco system can be assembled easily on these profiles.

Please, keep in touch with this website; I’ll post more pictures of the execution of this beautiful curtain wall in a few days.

The Architects are Mario Corea, Lluís Morán and Sebastian Guerrico.

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