New Kangaroo’s anchor points – v2.3.0

Last week, I was following a Kangaroo’s Grasshopper plugin tutorial and I realized that something was wrong in my simulation.

When I tried to move an anchor of a membrane tensile simulation, the mesh refused to follow the anchor I moved but not in the simulation on the video I was watching. That made me crazy for some hours and at the end I could figure out what happened.

The problem is to be up to update whit plugins and not reading accurately at all the readme texts. The developers had improved the anchor node a bit, splitting it in two new nodes, one of them very similar to the old node (which I saw in the video), but the only difference was a letter, as you can see in the images below.

Finally, I could manage to change the anchor node to another quite similar, and after putting a Boolean node in the X, Y and Z entries, the simulation worked correctly, in other words, during the simulation I moved at least one point anchor without losing its properties.

I have to say that the simulation has to be improved, simulating the cables on the outlines of the mesh and the tensile membrane in the inlines of the mesh, but things first things.

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